Hi. I’m Dr. Bob Acton

I know leading people in an organization is hard work. I know because I’ve done it.

And your results as a leader are in direct relation to how well your people execute your mission.

Since you want increased success in your work as a leader, you need to hone your leadership skills. And that’s where I come in.

Fast. I help you to get what you want quickly. I’ve integrated very good proven techniques with practical common-sense to help you achieve your goals fast.

Sustainable. I know that change is hard to start and maintain. I’ll show you how to use small, meaningful and practical steps to build effective leadership habits.

Action. People I work with are smart, successful people who lead in all kinds of environments. Our work together quickly finds actions that can accelerate your success to new levels.

Oh yes…the formal stuff.

I have a Ph.D. in Psychology and I’ve successfully worked with leaders at all levels in an organization for over 10 years. I bring a wealth of research backed knowledge and practice to coaching leaders.

I’ve worked with leaders from many industries including oil and gas, education, legal, government, health, transportation, administration, entertainment and travel.

I’ve helped lead my own team to grow over 1200% in a few years.

I’m married to Barb for over 30 years and I have one great son, Tom. I love fishing, ceramics, and dogs.

Giving Back

I think its important to give back so I provide support for a number of charitable organizations including How to Feel Fantastic, The United Way, Plan Canada, Ducks Unlimited, and Canadian Cancer Society.