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New 360° Survey for Leaders

The Leadership Versatility Index® (LVI) is the thinking manager’s feedback survey. It is based on a leadership model that offers a simple, compact framework to account for the complexities of the manager’s job—the tensions and trade-offs, the balances to be struck. It covers both the interpersonal aspects of leading with the forceful-enabling duality as well as the business side with the strategic-operational duality....and most importantly....leaders love it!
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Be Aware of Psychological Bias in your Startup & 4 Quick Solutions to Avoid Thinking Traps

July 20th, 2015|0 Comments

– a fourth article in a series on leading a start-up –

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Five Things to Know When Growing your Start-up Team

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– a third article in a series on leading a start-up

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Tired of Always Being On and Under Pressure to Produce More?

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Tired of always “being on” and under pressure to improve production? Of course, because it […]


I am truly grateful for the things you did for me in 2014. I would not be where I am right now without you.
Senior Leader, Advanced Education
As I reflect on the many positive aspects of my life journey throughout 2014, I have thought of you a number of times. You made a profound impact…and for that, I thank you !
Coaching Client
We continue to utilize Bob Acton as a coach for our supervisory and management staff. His experience and credentials place him at a high calibre in his field. Bob is able to produce great results in a timely manner. In every case, he has received excellent reviews from the people he has coached
Patricia Trick, CLS


Each spring Obair Leadership presents Leader Excellence where the top minds in leadership present a high quality learning experience to leaders in Western Canada.
We believe that the best learning occurs when it is timely, makes intuitive sense to the participant, is enjoyable and practical. That’s what our event is all about. And, of course, we bring only the best minds in leadership to Calgary.
In 2012 Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, rated as one of the world’s top leadership minds, presented an outstanding session to a very excited crowd of leaders and managers. In 2013 Patrick Lencioni, viewed as one of the best around on leading high functioning teams presented a wonderful session. In 2014 David Rock, one of the world’s premiere experts on Neuroscience and Leadership spoke about how leaders and managers can use neuroscience and psychology to drive great results

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