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Coming Soon! Mindfulness for Leaders

Made specifically for people in leadership positions Dr.Acton has designed a lunch hour series of experiences to learn ● Definitions of Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership ● How to train your mind to cultivate leadership excellence ● Mindful communication ● How pausing can be helpful ● A reflection on what your leader excellence is ● A brief look at the impact of mindfulness at work. Held in the downtown for convenience.

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Results We Accomplish

A new leader was brought into the organization to drive results in a stagnating department. Union complaints erupted and team performance slumped. He met with considerable resistance and we worked with him to reduce his tension when facing the upheaval and to build new skills to implement new systems.
A young manager was very stressed and overwhelmed with the volume of the new job. As a result she let her relationships suffer as she focused on getting the “reports done” as she thought that would please her boss. We worked with her to improve her native sensitivity and to give her some quick and practical tactics to build strong relationships and get the work done.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that research indicates that a short nap during mid-day can improve your attention and performance by up to 100% for the remainder of the day? Most bosses won’t let you sleep at work but finding a way to rest and renew your energy is critical for your success. There are a myriad of mental and physical actions to renew your focus, energy, and boost performance easily accomplished at work.

The emotions of others around us stimulate our mirror neurons in the brain to cause us to have a similar response. This is the basis of empathy and it has powerful implications in how leaders interact with others. If you want a happy, engaged and energized team (as that translates into better performance), you need to start it with your own actions.

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Each spring Obair Leadership presents Leader Excellence where the top minds in leadership present a high quality learning experience to leaders in Western Canada.
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